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Base designs can have several different functions. They can preserve your loot from raiders, they can prevent attackers from destroying your base or they can be configured to successfully defend in clan war. Below are links to a variety of bases that we think are good at each function.

Farming Bases

These bases are geared towards protecting your loot from raiders. Typically they have the Town Hall outside the walls in an easy to access location, so that raiders attack your town hall, destroying it to give you a free shield to protect your loot from other attackers.

Clan War Bases

The goal of war bases is to prevent attackers from being able to three star your town. Make sure that with the war base that the inside has the splash damage towers such as the wizard towers and mortars to ensure good protection.

Interesting Bases

Unusual bases that we've found.

Set Out

Make sure that the cannons are on the outside and mortars,wizard towers etc (splash damage) are in the middle of the base. Keep loot collectors on the outside if you are an active player.

  • Base 2

Pretend this is another base...