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Welcome newcomers to Andûnë. Hope you are ready to participate in wars and help our current community grow. Don't be afraid to ask questions if you have any, everyone is willing to help you and your town grow . In order to keep things a little in hand here are a couple rules.


We recommend that you max out all your defenses and troops before moving to the next townhall level. This way you can ensure that you will be prepared to face other towns in wars and multi-player battles.


Please be sure that you have opted in or out prior to the beginning of the war. If you are participating in a war you must take both of your attacks. Failure to do so will lead to banning in participation in future wars, or being kicked from the clan. More detail on our war page.


We highly encourage donating and requesting troops, our goal is to have troops flowing like water. To encourage this, in our feeder clan we have tied the Elder rank to donations. To qualify, you must donate 500 troops AND request 500 troops in a league season. Elder must be earned every season to keep the rank. Elder rank earned will be awarded for the subsequent season.

All requests should be labeled "mp" for normal multi-player requests, and "cw" for clan requests. CW requests should be specific, and only filled by the highest level troops. MP requests should be generic and unleveled, "anything is great" rather than "L5 hogs only", as the latter quells donating by others.

Earning Elder and Co-Leader

There have been a lot of questions in relation to earning rank in the war clan. We do not have a explicit guidelines on how rank is earned. Rank is earned when you have contributed in some way to the clan. Elder is a recognition of an outstanding and loyal player. Co-Leader is recognition of individuals who are vital to the clan and help it function. They carry out important responsiiblities.

The following are attributes that will be taken into account when deciding on giving elder:

  • Loyalty- this is time spent in the clan. You cannot expect to earn elder within a few days of being in the clan.
  • Level of your TH- it is unlikely that you will earn rank until you are at least a TH7 with dragons.
  • Performance in war- you have to demonstrate that you are an outstanding attacker, and reliable in war. This means you should 3 star the majority of the bases you are put up against (if you are TH8 or lower); and at least 2 star (if you are TH9 or 10).
  • Being active- being active, social and participating in clan chat is also very important. This might mean checking in every hour or so to see if you can donate troops, help anyone with advice etc.
  • Helping out new members in clan- this means explaining clan rules, giving tips and advice etc.
  • Attitude/mentality- whining about not getting enough loot in war, complaining that you have been asked to attack a base that is beneath you etc is not acceptable. Our goal as a clan is to win wars, no matter the cost. Loot is secondary.

These are not the only things that will be taken into account, but are probably the most important ones.

A Co-Leader should be a prestigious rank that is handed to a very, very select few. Individuals who are really helping and contributing in the growth of the clan above and beyond just playing the game and carrying out the duties they should as a clan member. This can include things like donating max level troops for war (even when they are not in war); helping run and maintain various clan related activites such as taking charge of mentoring new players.