You don't need to be a monster clasher with L6 loons to be successful with Loons in Clash of Clans. I started with level 1 and 2 loons and regularly get three stars in multi-player and clan wars. this strategy works on target towns up to mid Town Hall 7 level. Here's how you can too.

Army CompositionEdit

Our army consists of three components, Balloon (obviously), Giants and Archers. In each baracks, I train 1 giant,  5 archers, then fill to capacity with balloons. So I end up with the following armies.

  • 3 barracks: 3 giants, 15 arches, rest balloons.
  • 4 barracks: 4 giants, 20 archers, rest balloons.

Overview of Attack StrategyEdit

  1. Lure and kill clan castle troops
  2. Deploy 1 giant and several loons at selected spots around the town, targeting aerial defences.
  3. Deploy archers for cleanup once all defences are destroyed.

Rationale for the StrategyEdit

Normally giants are used to destroy defences. That is not the case with this attack strategy. Here giants serve as distractors and shields for the balloons. We don't care if they never destroy a single building. Their purpose is solely to allow the balloons to leisurely make their way into the town unscathed by the defences. Likewise the archers in this strategy are used for clean up and for helping the balloons kill the cc troops.The balloons do virtually all the work in the attack.

To do it, pick a town where the air defences aren't too deep inside the base, in the first layer or outside the walls is ideal. Then plan your attack focusing on those defences capable of shooting balloons (archer towers, wiz towers, air defences). Ignore all other defences.

Deploy small groups of loons around the base, pinpointing these aerial defences. For each deployment, place one giant, then a few loons behind the giant. How many loons depends on the level and type of defence and the level of your balloons... you'll get a feel for how many after attacking a number of bases. For Archer Towers deploy 3-4 balloons, for Wiz Towers 4-5 balloons, for a combination... archer tower with a wiz tower, deploy 5-6 balloons. For Air Defence add 1-2 extra balloons.

Try to deploy the balloons as close to the village as possible, defences easily shoot down balloons when they have to travel long distances, so deploy them to minimize the time they travel under fire. Once loons are deployed, wait until they kill all the defences, then deploy the archers around the base, one per building, to help with clean up.